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Will you print logos or copy that is copyrighted or trademarked?

Staats assumes, when artwork has been submitted for reproduction, that the artwork was submitted in full compliance with the laws governing copyright, trademarks, etc.  The purchaser, by placing these orders, agrees to hold Staats harmless for any damages, cost, and/or expense arising under these laws as a consequence of our use of said artwork.  Customers are responsible for obtaining rights in written form to use any logo or artwork from the owner of the artwork, or an authorized agent of the owner of the art.  In an effort to protect both Staats and the customer, we retain the right to refuse to reproduce any artwork we feel may be an infringement on copyright and trademark laws.

Catalog or website examples showing logos and designs on items are meant only as examples of imprinting options.  They are not presented for resale, nor are they meant as an endorsement by or for the owner of the logo or design.

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