E.G. Staats & Co., Inc

Mission & Values

Staats Mission:

To partner with businesses, organizations, events, and individuals to enable and transform the way they promote their organizations and recognize their associates.

Staats Vision:

Our vision is to become the premier and most trusted resource for products, services, and solutions that enable and transform the way consumers promote their organizations and recognize associates.  We will strive to create long-term value for our investors, customers, employees, and communities by building lasting relationships.  We will identify unmet needs of our business partners and provide them with innovative and lasting solutions.  We will create a lasting impression in the customers, communities, and markets we serve.  Most of all, we will help our customers Leave their Mark through our products and services.

We know we will succeed when:

Every customer finds it easy to do business with us, feels empathized with and cared for, considers us a partner to their organization, and receives the prestigious products they desire, 100% accurate, when they want them.

Every employee earns competitive wages, works in a safe, family-friendly, engaging environment, is focused on continuous improvement at the individual and company level, and continuously demonstrates dependability, reliability, and unquestionable moral and ethical standards.

Every market we enter is positively impacted by our presence and views our company as the industry leader as a result of our participation and positive contributions to individual parties within the market and the market as a whole.

Staats Values:

Our values are expressed in our OUTSIDE-IN philosophy.  We believe in looking at our company through the eyes of our customers, co-workers, business partners, and our community, putting their needs ahead of our own. As we serve our customers and each other, we will operate within the following core set of values:

Optimism – We are an organization made up of possibility thinkers, people with a can-do attitude.  If it is possible for us to do something, we will figure out a way to do it.

Unity – We work together as a team striving for common goals and objectives.  We celebrate success together, and we understand that collectively our whole is greater than any of our parts.

Trust – We live by faith, not by sight, and operate with confidence in our own abilities, thus giving our customers confidence in us.

Supportive – We show understanding of our customers’ needs and seek win-win solutions in all situations. We show care and compassion to our employees as we strive to provide proper work-life balance.

Integrity – We stand by our word and do the right thing, even when no one will notice.  We will demonstrate honesty and fairness in every action we take.

Dedication – We are people of passion.  We show pride, enthusiasm, and commitment to our work, to our company, to each other, and most of all to our customers.  We hold each other accountable to our mission, vision, and values.

Excellence – We exhibit distinction in all of our products and services, never settling for mediocrity or second best.  We will be the best we can be and provide the best quality and service possible.

Improvement – We continually seek out ways to grow and improve at both the individual level and the company level. We introduce processes and products that set trends in our industry.

Notable – We represent our company and conduct ourselves in a professional manner and act in a way that distinguishes us as an extraordinary member of our community and industry.

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